Jerry Colonna, Entrepreneurship and Personal Drive

Fred Wilson posted a fascinating video today. It’s of an interview between Jerry Colonna and entrepreneur Jason Calcanis. At my old VC firm, I once inherited a Board seat when a partner left, and the bright spot was that Jerry was also on that Board. He is someone whom I respect greatly.

There’s a very powerful segment in the interview (between minute 55 and 1:05), during which Jerry and Jason talk about their fathers losing their jobs–and, not recovering. Both speak very honestly about how those past events shaped how they view work and money today.

I write about this because I’m fascinated with “drivers of drive.”  Meaning, why do we work?  No, really, what makes you tick? 

Chances are, there are “positive” drivers of drive (self-actualization, pursuit of freedom, creativity) that propel you. But, also likely, there are negative drivers, too.  There may be great and hidden personal fears that drive you, too.

For me, I love innovation and entrepreneurship. And, for me, my greatest personal fear also is a source of drive (sometimes for good, and sometimes for not-so-good when I work to the point of exhaustion).

As I’ve blogged many times before, I’m on a quest to seek “personal authenticity.”  Through luck, I’ve reconnected with my friend Anne Cooke Mitchell, who was a VC, and is now an executive coach certified in a Harvard-based methodology.

She’s been taking me through a very focused and action-oriented process to identify behaviors I want to change, and to pursue an action plan to do so.  So far, it’s been incredibly freeing, personally challenging, and insanely rewarding. And, fun.

So, here’s the video.

And, if you don’t know Jerry or Anne, you should. IMO, when you know what really makes you tick, you’ll be a better person and have a more successful career.

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