A Quiet Morning (and, a Fly-Fishing Video)

Well, nearly the entire Tango household is out of town, visiting grandparents. I’m home with our oldest child, who is recovering from surgery (don’t worry, everything is OK) and who is a very self-sufficient teenager. So, it’s an at-home weekend.

It’s unusual because the house is very quiet (it’s usually buzzing with activity), and I have a lot of unscheduled time (few errands, no sports lessons, etc.). It’s a big change from our usual schedule, and it reminds of the days when I was young, single and living in-town.

I don’t particularly long for those days. I had a great time back then, but life is so different now. It’s much more full of laughter and warmth, now that I’m a husband and a father.

So, here I am, on a sunny Sunday morning, casually reading the newspapers, surfing the Internet, and chilling. I don’t have to be anywhere or to do anything, and so, I don’t feel guilty about this downtime.

Last, I just stumbled upon this cool fly-fishing video. I love to fly-fish. This clip really captures what it’s like to be out on a river with a good friend. And, the serenity conveyed matches the mood in our house right now. The main part starts at minute 2:35.

A peaceful day of rest to all.

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