Jodi Grant & Cycle for Survival

If you’re looking for a good cause, consider supporting my friend Jodi Grant. She was the victim of a hit and run accident and has undergone a number of painful surgeries. A key part of her recovery was being involved with Cycle for Survival, to help raise money to fight cancer.

Jodi is a very caring individual. Here’s a note from her, and if you’d like to support her, click here.

On August 24, 2012, I was headed home after a training ride feeling terrific and excited to visit Cecilia’s new school.  Next thing I knew I woke up in an ambulance, headed fast to the hospital with major head trauma, a broken neck, back and nose and 14 broken teeth.  Since that moment I’ve been painfully aware of just how quickly our lives can be altered.

I was one of the lucky ones, through the strong support of my family, my friends and my doctors I have been able to recover.  And this is why I ride.  Cycle for Survival is a shout out against cancer.  I’ve watched friends and family members fight this horrible disease and this is a chance to come together and rally to give thousands with cancer the chance to recover, survive and thrive.

I was so proud to be part of Cycle for Survival in 2013.  This event helped me recover from my own injuries in the best way possible – by getting back on a bike – even if it was indoors.  For 2014, I’m upping the stakes.  Help me raise $4000 as an extreme rider.  I’ll be spinning for FOUR hours and raising money as part of the Rock Star team to help Memorial Sloan Kettering conduct the research to beat cancer back.  Every penny goes to cancer research – and with your help we will all be part of the cure.

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