My Sister

I yesterday had an amazing phone call with my sister. Though she was sick and had slept little the night before, she made time for a long talk.

I’m still processing a conversation I had about apartheid, and she had some helpful perspectives. Her big point to me is that it’s really tough to convince others of your point-of-view at times. And, that’s because it’s tough to communicate one’s personal context.

For example, our immigrant family settled in a rough part of Brooklyn. My sister and I used to walk to and from school by ourselves. She on our call mentioned to me some white children at times would be at the front door of our apartment building lobby and taunt our race. I’m grateful that I don’t recall those moments.

I think it is an amazing privilege to be able to speak with a sibling. They know your strengths and weaknesses and will call bullcrap on you when you’ve done something wrong. And, give unflinching support when they think you’re right. Also, a sibling has a shared experience with you and “gets” personal context.

When I’m befuddled and need advice, she’s one of the people I always call. So, thank you, sis, for your love and help!

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