Just Keep Showing Up

Sometimes you’ll be afraid.

Sometimes you’ll think you’re out of your league.

But you’ll keep showing up every day, putting in the work.

You’ll put up more than 26,000 shots in your career. Almost six out of 10 won’t even go in. I told you this game was a sonofabitch.

Don’t worry, though. A successful man is built of 1,000 failures. Or in your case, 14,000 misses.

You’ll win a championship in Boston.

That’s an excerpt from Ray Allen’s letter to himself when he was 13 years-old. It’s absolutely stunning. Yes, that Ray Allen. The two-time NBA World Champion and All-Star.

I’d encourage you to read it. Link here.

Just keep showing up, please. Good things will happen. I promise.

2 thoughts on “Just Keep Showing Up

  1. Magic! Right there is a lifetime commitment to just try. I just finished Shoe Dog (Phil Knight, Nike) – an honest read for the Xmas list and in the same spirit as this. Very inspiring.

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