My Sister: an Update

I’m on a plane and have had a fun trip to California. Two days of travel to have one day out there for my sister’s graduation with a Master’s degree. It was fun to see her, my nephew and niece, and my father.

As I’ve written before, my sister has gone through a great deal. We experienced a highly unstable childhood. Then, tragically, her husband passed away suddenly from a burst brain aneurysm. Their children at the time were only seven- and nine-years old.

It was horrible. It was up to me to tell her children that their father had passed away. But, my burden was light relative to what they and their mother had to carry.

My father and I decided to support them financially. Mrs. T. and I did so for 10 years. It was very much the right thing to do, and I know that my sister would do the same if the situation were reversed. Our family history is filled with accounts from prior generations of one sibling helping out the others. It is our family culture.

Over time, my sister decided to pursue an advanced degree in family therapy. She already is handling some cases involving children. I hear the reviews of her are stellar. I’m not surprised. She has a gift for empathy. And, her own personal experiences and grit give her a unique perspective.

It was a real joy to see her at her graduation. She and her classmates bonded tightly over the past few years. Afterwards, a huge crowd came to her house for a celebration. I was able to see family friends whom I’ve not seen in 15 years. My sister has many friends. I think over 40 people turned out.

I’d love to tell you that she and her children have fully overcome the effects of an early death. I don’t know, but I doubt it.

But, things seem better. The children are now young adults. One has graduated college, and the second is attending one. They’re great. Very kind and authentic.

And, my sister is on a new path. It is a long journey. Before getting her license to practice, she has to log 3,000 hours of counseling. She has been placed at schools to work with children.

I love my sister. She is going to help many people, and, along the way, help herself. 

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