Our daughters’ school had its annual Christmas Vespers liturgy. Our oldest had a solo, of which a portion was recorded (up above, or click here). It was very moving to witness, as it was her last Vespers service.

Afterwards, some of our daughters sang Christmas carols with their singing group (up above, or click here). I have a hard time getting into the holiday spirit. But, each year, Vespers does it for me.

Afterwards, the seniors stayed up and prepped the school for a party. They slept in the gym and then surprised all of the faculty and students with a winter wonderland. Thanks to social media, I now get a feeling for what happened next. Here is a snippet (or, click here):

It must feel great as a student to be done with exams and to move on to winter break. Such joy!

I hope you all will experience similar joy this holiday season….

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