‘Known and Loved’

Well, I today drove down to Providence to drop off our son for a new semester at college. I told him how great it was to have him living at home this summer.

Yesterday, we went out for a one-on-one lunch. It is something I schedule a day or so each time before he leaves home. We get a chance to touch base while I ask some open-ended questions.

My goal, moreover, was to have him feel known and loved again before he leaves home. I’m a firm believer that if someone truly feels affirmed and genuinely valued, he/she can do anything.

So, I told him how much I loved and appreciated him, how I admired how he makes decisions. I told him that no matter the situation, particularly if he finds himself in a serious jam, he can call me.

This drop-off was a lot easier for me than last year. But, there is still the same mix of emotions: pride, satisfaction and longing all jumbled together.

I am excited for our son. Sounds like it will be another rigorous list of classes. And, he is co-musical director this year for his a cappella group.

He hits the ground running. They perform tonight and have to squeeze in a rehearsal beforehand. Then, they in the coming weeks will start to hold auditions for, maybe, 80+ freshmen. And, of course, there will be classes.

After saying goodbye to him, just like last year, I dropped by a Korean place for lunch. It is on the way home.

I have a hard time saying goodbye to people. That is especially the case with my children. Our second-oldest leaves home next week.

So, for now, more food therapy. Then, I will finish this blog post, finish my lunch and drive home.

Life is about seasons.

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