Lifelong Learning

Brad Feld Tweeted this morning about a blog post his father wrote (more here). I found it inspiring. Some members of the Feld family get together every year. He writes:

Our private Chitaugua took place August 23rd-26th. Each of the 6 of us had 2-3 hours to talk about anything we wanted. During that time there would be discussions and reactions to the ideas each of us presented.

Brad talked about the “start-up revolution” taking place, whereby digital media is transforming society from a hierarchical one to a networked one.  An uncle led a discussion about the inevitability of change and innovation.  Another presented the downside of specialization among children.

What a great idea and opportunity to “get away” with people you know and love and just talk about what you each find intriguing.

In today’s world of incessant emails, blogging and Tweets as a member of the “tech crowd,” I am finding that I need to consciously and forcibly “step back” to think about the big picture.

I’m not sure yet after reading the above post how I’m going to do that, but I feel motivated to try something new.  Rather than constantly being in “reaction” mode for most of the day, I think I need to spend more time being proactive.

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