Football, Tom Brady and Motivation

I love watching football. It is a major vice in my life. It consumes hours, both from watching it and reading about it.

One thing I really like is the human effort required to play in the NFL. For example, there’s a great video series about Tom Brady called “The Brady 6”.  ESPN’s Mike Reiss wrote about it:

Brady’s championship emergence from sixth-round draft choice — the 199th overall selection and seventh quarterback off the board — is an unforgettable story, one of the best in the history of the game….’The Brady 6′ refers to the six quarterbacks selected before Brady in 2000…. What shines through in the hourlong documentary is how ‘199’ has stuck with the now-33-year-old Brady, even after leading the Patriots to three Super Bowl championships and as he enters his 12th NFL season.

Here’s a clip. It’s a moving interview with Brady.  I write all this because success seems so easy from the outside. But, it takes a lot of hard work. Many of the quarterbacks chosen ahead of Brady had more talent. But, Tom had more drive.

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