The End of GPS Systems

My car has a fancy navigation system, complete with traffic updates. The free iPhone app, Waze, trounces it.

Waze is always ahead of my car’s nav system, with better data. The app tracks everyone in real-time, and so, you can’t really beat that. My car’s nav system has about a 30 minute lag in data updates.

I pipe in Waze’s commands through Bluetooth to my car’s speakers, and it’s just like my nav system. But, Waze re-routes are much more accurate, as it knows when traffic patterns change.

Waze also tells me when there’s a policeman’s speed trap up ahead, as users on the road ahead of me have punched that in. My nav system cannot do that.

I write about this because some Internet-based technologies really cannot be beat. The Waze app is free. Hard for Garmin to compete with that.

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