Manhunt in Boston

We are only two miles away from where the second suspect may be hiding. You can hear the helicopters overhead.

I woke up at 5.30 am ready to start my day and was shocked to read that our entire area is in lockdown mode.  I’m listening to the Boston police scanner and monitoring Twitter. What’s happening right now is too surreal to articulate.

Since all schools and businesses are closed, and meetings have been cancelled, we are all huddled at home, monitoring the news and also trying not to think about near misses. For example, a close friend of ours is usually on the same street block during the time where/when the MIT security officer was shot last night. Her daughter dives at MIT, and she parks on that same street to pick her up–and, they often walk around afterwards to get a snack.

It’s a truly eerie time.

I’m grateful to the 9,000 people out there looking for the second suspect and who are risking their lives to do so.

Here’s a helpful summary (from entrepreneur Wayne Chang) of what’s happened so far as of 6.50 am:





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