How to Buy Drinks for 9,000?


Thank God. It’s over. The bombers have been caught.

It’s early Saturday morning. For the first time since Monday’s bombing, I woke up with peace and joy. I’ll always remember last night’s spontaneous jubilation in the streets, and the rousing applause and cheers the police received. Here’s an incredible (and short) video, which a friend shared on Facebook:

I also still shake my head in disbelief. How lucky am I that my youngest child and I didn’t linger in Boston on Marathon Day? Did I just witness an episode of the TV show “24”? Was all that real: bombings, carjacking, a city locked down, copters loudly circling two miles from our house, gun battles amidst tossed grenades in the streets, etc.? Too insane.

Yesterday, with our town in lockdown, was a long day (more here). It was quite an experience to hear voices on the Boston Police scanner become more subdued as troopers began their 18th straight hour of duty.

But, they kept at it. True grit.

I’m immensely grateful to the police. How to buy drinks for 9,000 brave men and women? What incredible fortitude to go into house after house knowing there could be a well-armed terrorist there to ambush you?

Too much to fathom, too grateful to say much more.

So, I end with this: God bless America, and let freedom ring! #BostonStrong

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