Michael Moore

Up top is a fascinating segment from Morning Joe. It features Michael Moore. He is incredibly eloquent and thoughtful.  It is loaded with insights.

Moore a while ago predicted that Trump would win the nomination. He also predicted in June that Trump would be the president.

He provides clear examples as to why working-class voters are angry. He also talked about how, in his view, HRC lost the trust of many Democrats.

Moore predicts massive and ongoing resistance to the Trump Presidency. He believes Trump will not finish his first term, that he either will resign or be impeached.

My greatest hope is that the ongoing discourse stays non-violent. A Million Women March in D.C. is planned for the day after Inauguration Day. That will a peaceful way to be heard. Rioting is not the answer.

To me, Trump right now is a Rorschach Test. There are many views of him and what he will do, each of which is a product of what each person wishes him to be.

Is he the return of “white identity” and “white supremacy” (as members of the far, far right are claiming)? Is he instead a savvy reader of crowds, who said inflammatory things to get elected, but in reality will govern reasonably?

As a President with the least amount of public sector service (i.e., none), is he the ultimate outsider who will be able to fix a broken and corrupt system? Will he become frustrated with the challenges of governing, and, ultimately, resign and turn over the Presidency to Pence?

Only time will tell.

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