Saturday Night Indie Music


Mrs. T. and I tonight are cooking dinner. We last night had dinner out with friends, which was very fun. But, tonight, we are ditching a big-crowd cocktail party. We wanted to stay at home and just chill.

So, I’m making some Mapo Ragù. It is very easy and delicious. If you like Korean food, this incorporates some of the cuisine’s flavors. I ordered some of the ingredients here.

I’m also playing some of my favorite music. I’m a big fan of The Submarines, a husband-wife Indie band. Some of their songs were featured in some Apple commercials.

I love Blake Hazard’s voice; it also is cool that she is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s great-granddaughter. I think he’d be proud of the music she is co-creating.

Below, or here, is one of their songs. Enjoy!

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