Mother-Daughter ‘Steelhead Dreams’

Here’s a great mother-daughter story about fly fishing. There are some beautiful shots of scenery and fish. The anglers are fishing for steelhead (sea-run trout that go back to rivers to spawn) in British Columbia. Click above or here for the video.

They’re “swinging” wet flies downstream, which means they let the current pull the fly across the river. No one knows why, but the sideways glide of a fly can elicit strikes from trout and salmon. It is the oldest style of fly fishing and it’s an elegant way to fish.

Also, the strikes can be vicious. One of my most memorable fish of the season happened a few Saturdays ago. I was about to call it a day and, out of nowhere, a huge and brilliantly-colored trout absolutely crushed a swinging wet fly.

I’ll be fishing tomorrow on Thanksgiving Sunday. I’ll cook Sunday Dinner today, so that I’ll be free to stay out later on the river if the fishing is good. I’ve tied some new flies to try. It is very satisfying to make my own flies, and, then, to catch fish with them.

I’ve never fly-fished when it is super-cold outside, and so, I’ll wear some ski gear and see how I do. When the water is cold, fish aren’t really all that active. But, it will be nice to be outside.

Best wishes for a safe travel day as the Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close….

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