I Am Grateful….

I am grateful for many people and for many things.

I’m grateful that my children have enough to eat each day–and, that they are secure. My mother grew up as a war refugee and did not eat three meals a day. She and nearly all of her siblings died relatively young.

I’m grateful for my marriage. I feel that we’ve gone from being dependent on each other to interdependent with each other. It’s hard to explain, but earlier in the marriage, I put a lot of pressure on myself to “make my spouse happy” and be “the perfect husband.” For me, striving to be a good parent/provider/spouse/cook is partially tied to my greatest personal fear. This led to the following behavior on Thanksgiving: getting up at 4 am to make home-made cinnamon rolls, cooking a ham and side dishes for lunch, and, then, cooking a turkey and sides for dinner.

And, then, feeling very resentful about it after. Self-inflicted wounds due to perfectionism.

Now, I try to do a better job of articulating what I need and not feeling guilty about asking for help. So, this year, we are splitting the cooking chores for Thanksgiving. And, we’ve streamlined the guest list (long story).

I’m grateful for my sister. She sent me a card for my birthday, in which she wrote a few things. One of which was this: when she talks to me, she suddenly finds herself “home.” So true here, too (more here). Siblings with a shared past that no one else can understand or experience.

I’m grateful for Kepha Partners. We strive to do our best each day for our entrepreneurs and investors. We are a social experiment: a “socialist” model as an equal partnership for its investors. I really look forward to Monday morning partners’ meetings. We are a very functional partnership and complement each other well. I also get great “life advice” from my partners. I’m also grateful to our entrepreneurs and investors, who have given us the chance of a lifetime to have impact and “do well and do good.”

I’m grateful for my friends. When I need help or advice, I can call Anne, Steve, Andy, Jim, Dan and so many others. They are quick to reply and are a source of tremendous camaraderie and insight.

I’m grateful for our nation. I hail from a country with tremendous poverty, social unrest and mind-boggling pollution. I hope our politicians will start acting like fiduciaries and do what is best for the country vs. optimizing for themselves or their political party.

So, I am grateful on this Thanksgiving Eve….

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