Music and Snow

I love Saturday snowstorms. We’re due for up to 12″.

But, before all that, we had a family outing this morning: a youth music gala. The eastern district of the state conducts auditions for various music groups. Those groups later will audition for the all-state groups. Two of our kids are in the district chorale.

After, we went grocery shopping as the snow fall increased. I saw some whole red snapper, a rarity. I decided for dinner to bake whole fish in parchment paper. The French call it en papillote. I’ve never made it before, and I’ve always wanted to try the method. We’ll see how it turns out. Why not?

Saturday snowstorms are great because there’s no disruption to school or work schedules. And, you can spend all day Sunday sledding, stomping around in the snow and just enjoying the newness of a winter landscape.

Now, we have the fireplace going, I’m watching some football, and the kids are hanging out. Might be an evening for a little Laphroaig.

We’re enjoying the day, and I hope you are, too.

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