Our Christmas Week

This has been the best Christmas week of my life.

Our son is home from his 1st semester at college. It is great to have him back. Also, no travel, some good meals, a happy vibe at the house, and a realization that our children have become very amazing people.

Here are snapshots of memories.

Mrs. T. and our youngest child decorated the tree. Sometimes, I read in the living room and turn on the tree lights, just to enjoy the ambiance.

I cooked a 13 lb. behemoth for Christmas Dinner. We had some guests, and that was fun.

I spent a little bit of time on the water and making up some new flies. Thankfully, I was excused from all shopping excursions.

Our youngest child loves to bake. So, a trip to Back Bay was in order.

A local spot, Rosenfeld’s, has the best bagels outside of NYC, in my opinion. I almost never eat a lot of carbs. But, hey, it’s Christmas week. Some smoked salmon and freshly-ground black pepper can’t hurt either.

I signed up our family for self-defense classes. It was super-fun. It seems like a prudent thing to do. Our friends, Joe and Cathy Esposito, own a tremendous karate center. They set us up with Mike Marchand, who did a great job. Joe is a Grandmaster and 10th Degree Black Belt. He’s a great guy, too.

One of my children loves to fish. So, we went out to a local pond. No fish, but we worked on casting until we became too cold. That was fun. I’d post a photo of her working the water, but I think she’d object. So, I won’t.

I cooked some other family-favorite dinners: enchiladas, roast chicken, BBQ ribs with dry rub (left over from the roast), etc. Nothing fancy, just some simple but earnestly-made meals.

Best wishes for a restorative holiday season!

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