My TB12 T-Shirt

I just bought this cool t-shirt. It’s about perseverance.

#199 is where Tom Brady was drafted. To this day, he has a chip on his shoulder to prove the draft experts that they were wrong. Below, or here, is a video documenting the challenges Brady had to overcome, not just during Draft Day, but in high school and in college.

Many, many people doubted his abilities. Here is the draft report on him: “Poor build / Skinny / Lacks great physical stature and strength / Lacks mobility and ability to avoid the rush / Lacks a really strong arm….”

I think all entrepreneurs should remind themselves how conventional wisdom is often wrong. As I’ve written before, if the “mainstream” thinks your idea rocks, then you’re too late, as there are probably dozens of other start-ups doing roughly the same thing.

It’s a cool shirt. #199 is, IMO, now one of the best NFL players ever to play the game.

From zero to hero.

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