Hackers: So Clever

Unfortunately, my blog was hacked. There was a malware breach at GoDaddy, my hosting provider, which affected how my blog links worked.

I first learned something was up when Google tagged my blog as “potentially hacked.” I ran a scan, and, lo and behold, there was a funky bit of script in a WordPress file. I deleted it.

But, the problem didn’t end there, as some search engine links to 19 blog posts ended up being redirected to a Russian site. Others have experienced the same thing.

I didn’t know what was up and even went on Twitter to ask for help. First, I thought it was a Google crawling problem and had my domain recrawled, both with and without the “www” prefix.

That didn’t help.

Fortunately, Ben Brunt and Peter Lessels lent a hand and were kind enough to private message and email help.

And, it worked!

The .htaccess file at Go Daddy was corrupted. Once I knew the problem, it took seconds to fix. But, finding the root cause took hours, including a great deal of searching on the Internet.

We are only in the beginning phases of widespread cybercrime.

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