Speaking at Yale

I will be heading down to New Haven in early October to meet with some Yale undergraduates. I’m really excited.

A new student group, focused on helping low-income students of all races, has invited me to come down and meet their members.

I’ve decided I will talk about Life Lessons. I don’t know how many will be there, nor whether they’ll like what I’m about to say. I remember as a student listening to alumni talk about what their decisions in life. They seemed so old, and, in a way, irrelevant to my day-to-day life.

Over time, I’ve worked hard to be a better public speaker. I’ve spoken in front of groups of five to 5,000. One thing I’ve learned is this: speak from the heart.

I’m starting to prepare my talk. What would you tell undergraduates? What Life Lessons would you try to communicate?

2 thoughts on “Speaking at Yale

  1. Not being sure of what you will do in in the future is ok. Many happy and successful people are doing things they did not even contemplate when they left school. Many are doing jobs and using technologies that did not exist when they graduated. Being engaged in what you are doing right now and ready to do something new, that is key.

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