New ‘Coffee Connect with a VC’ Leaders

I’ve met many entrepreneurs.  Two who impress everybody are Sravish Sridhar and Rob May.

Given that, the New England VC Asssociation has asked them to lead the “Coffee Connect with a VC” series. As I’ve written previously, I think there’s a huge need for entrepreneurs and VCs to get together for regular, open/inclusive, and meaningful discussions. We VCs at times have a bad rap, and sometimes, it’s warranted.

So, we did a pilot test of three Coffee Connect meetings. A seed project. Here’s how we described it:

You. A VC. Entrepreneurial peers. A free-flow discussion on raising funding and growing your tech./life-sciences company. Open and inclusive. At Voltage Coffee in Cambridge.

We sent surveys after every meeting and were psyched that both VCs and entrepreneurs really liked the get-togethers. So, we want to leave the “seed” stage and continue to the next level.

Moreover, we think that entrepreneurs themselves need to lead these events.  We VCs can help support, but something “for entrepreneurs and by entrepreneurs” is much more meaning and sustainable.

So, we asked Rob and Sravish to lead the program, and we’re so glad they said yes.

If you’re interested in learning more, consider opting into the group. Rob and Sravish are great folks doing great things.

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