New Investment: Mavrck


I am really excited to write about a new and recent investment, which is in Mavrck. We recently led their $5MM Series A financing, and it was announced about 30 min. ago. More here.

We have been meeting with CEO and Co-Founder Lyle Stevens for quite some to time. I first connected with him in 2013, back when he was involved with Betaspring and the company was called Splashscore. Then, Bob Lentz connected us again in 2014 via the Northeastern incubator program. And, after, we heard more when the team was involved with TechStars.

Throughout, Lyle has impressed us with his integrity, drive, and leadership. We conducted many reference checks on the company, and we heard consistent feedback that this entrepreneur and this team were special.

It was no surprise before the financing closed that the company was named by Entrepreneur magazine as having a Top 25 culture. Great energy and values there.

Moreover, brands really liked the granular and scalable way with which they can target micro-influencers. In fact, they loved the software’s ability to help them create a real ROI to find more customers or to activate and organize their most valuable ones in a very powerful way.

So, we are very excited to partner with this group and with Tim Wright of GrandBanks. We are looking forward to working with Lyle, Sean, Chris, Shoeb, Liz, Brian, Howard, and the rest of the team.

Sometimes, an investment takes a while to happen. We’re glad this one has happened.

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