Father-Daughter Dance…in Prison

I’m a big believer that unconditional love from a parent to a child makes all the difference. I’m a big believer that the lack of that can create pretty serious issues downstream.

As I recently told a friend, everyone needs to feel safe and protected, to feel accomplished and approved, that he/she “already is enough.” In other words, everyone craves the feel-good brain chemicals, such as serotonin and dopamine.

If they don’t get them from family relationships, they’ll seek them in other ways. Some of those ways are healthy. Others are not. The root chemical involved in most addictions? Dopamine.

I cannot think of a more compelling cause than to protect, and provide for, children.

I’m writing this because I recently saw the above TED Talk (or, click here) about a father-daughter dance in prison. With their fathers in prison, these young girls have very little contact with an important parent. To have a brief moment of physical contact with their father was something to be very cherished.

Even the prison guards were moved.

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