The Small Things

It is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. You almost can feel the nation start to change gears. That’s what I’m about to do.

I shortly am going to the office to meet with an entrepreneur and to wrap up some loose ends. I’m behind on filing my expenses, for example. Everyday life stuff. It will be only a half-day.

But, as I sit here at my favorite coffee shop, I cannot but help think about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Mali, about the friends and friends of friends going through chemotherapy. There is a lot of stress out there.

Somehow, in spite of tremendous odds and great suffering, people grit it out and continue. We are a remarkable and adaptable species in that way.

I try not to let the news stories get me down. But, honestly, it is hard to do.

So, I am here after a long work-out, choosing to enjoy a chocolate croissant and a well-made cortado. To realize again how blogging has been a gift for me and that I can do it on my phone. You know, relish the small things.  I’m trying to “just be.”

Tomorrow, I want to focus on gratitude, to think about the small everyday things about which I take for granted. I want to remember the many, many people who have influenced my life.

My sincerest wishes for a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

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