New Nest smart thermostat (part 1)

I’ve been on the waiting list for the new Nest thermostat.  I just got an email saying that they have some new product.  My techie Inner Self is pretty excited about it.

The Nest is the “smart” thermostat developed by the folks who designed the first iPods.

I completely fell for the marketing pitch.  It saves energy, by learning your schedule.  It senses if a room is empty and will then lower the temperature.  We ski, and so, we now can fire up the heat from a smartphone while we drive home (the device can connect to WiFi).  The Nest also will supposedly check the weather report and know how to adjust for conditions.  More at

Interactions with their site have been great so far, including a video that helped me figure out if the Nest is compatible with my current thermostats.

I’ll post again once the devices are installed and running.

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