Raising VC money: topics

Raising venture capital money sounds like something from the Dark Arts, but it really isn’t all that complicated.  Different approaches and different styles work, but there are some rules of thumb that seem to work well over and over.

I thought I’d write a Friday series on raising money from VCs.  I am thinking of covering the following topics

–          Which VCs to target?

–          How to get the VC meeting?

–          How to handle the 1st VC meeting?

–          How to manage due diligence?

–          What to do in the partners’ meeting?

–          What to do when you get a term sheet?

–          What happens when you negotiate legal documents?

–          How to get off to a strong start with your VC?

If there are other topics you’d like me to cover, please let me know.

6 thoughts on “Raising VC money: topics

  1. Hi Jo,

    discovered your blog few weeks ago, thank you for writing all things. Really helpful for us who are trying to raise money.

  2. Jo, any chance you can send me PM on email, I am developing one idea and VCs would be the main customers so I would like to hear your opinion on the concept, to see does it make sense. Thx

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