Pain and a Sincere ‘Thank You’

I’ve been experiencing agonizing pain the past few days (more here). My fault, really: the doctor offered painkillers and I declined.

With nearly all of the family out of town, I wasn’t sure how I would fare, when nothing was ameliorating the sudden lightning bolts of pain in my body.

I’ve been very lucky in my life thus far. I’ve never had surgery or had to go to the hospital for anything serious. So, this immobilization is very new to me, and it made me feel very helpless and down.

You know what is getting me through it all? The insane number of people writing, texting, posting and Tweeting their empathy, prayers, and offers to help. Blog readers providing such kind comments. It really gives me a lot of emotional support, and I’m grateful to you all.

It’s funny. The press at times writes about how social media creates de-personalized interactions. I’ve found the opposite this weekend.

So, many thanks to all of you for your support! A huge thank you to my step-mother-in-law; she offered to drive a few hours to help out, after having just landed from a cross-country flight.

Thankfully, the pain is subsiding somewhat this morning. Things are turning up.

One thought on “Pain and a Sincere ‘Thank You’

  1. Jo:

    Thinking of you…so sorry that you have experienced such pain….and glad that you have felt such support from so many. Hang in there.


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