‘You’ve Got Shingles’

That’s what the doctor today told me. My jaw dropped.

I asked, “Didn’t that become extinct a while ago, like scurvy and hoof and mouth disease?”

So, the excruciating pain in my back isn’t from a fall while skiing. It’s from a suddenly-revitalized chicken pox virus traversing through my nerves and sending pain signals to my brain.

Weird. Like something from the “Alien” movie series!

There’s no easy cure, and so, I’m resigned to more pain that make my eyes tear up. No joke. I declined the doctor’s offer for pain killers, and I’m now having second thoughts.

Time will be the best cure, I guess. Thank goodness I can text friends and hang with my iPad while laying mostly immobile on my bed. So many snippets of encouragement have come in. Thank you! So, in the grand scheme of things, all is well.

Most of the family is away skiing. Guess I will watch all four NFL games this weekend….

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