Peas in a Pod

Hope you’re enjoying Presidents’ Weekend.

I find it to be a great holiday since we started doing family ski outings. The chance to be outside, breathe fresh mountain air and be active together as a family make it a fun time.

Plus, it is a holiday for everyone, and so, I don’t feel the need to be as compulsive with checking email.

This weekend, we are up in Vermont. Conditions are amazing, and, also, the sun is out. Feels already like spring skiing out there.

The drive up on a Friday holiday weekend night is usually pretty brutal. There’s much traffic, and I struggle with staying awake. But, this time, some of my kids took turns sitting in the front seat to chat with me and help me stay alert. That was nice and greatly appreciated.

On Saturday, we divided into two groups. I tried to keep up with the gunners. They’re quite speedy. They’re also pretty funny. High-energy.

A photo of us is up. Peas in a pod.

Hope you’re having a good weekend.

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