Tom Brady and Peter King Podcast

Montana? Tom Brady? Grit? Self discipline? Getting joy from your job? Making good choices in your personal life? How to ignore criticism? A detailed play-by-play analysis of a tremendous Super Bowl comeback?

If any of those topics interests you, listen to Peter King interview Tom Brady. Link here.

As a VC, I often am in the mode of advising entrepreneurs as they work through opportunities and challenges. Most of them succeed in powering through, thankfully.

I think one key is to focus on the moment vs. getting too worked up about the future. So, how do you overcome a 25-point deficit when most of the game is over? You don’t think about the 25 points. You just focus on this next play, this drive.

I love that the Patriots offense on the field at the end of the game was comprised of only one draft-day star. Everyone else was a late bloomer. Everyone was mentally tough.

So, focus on what you can control right now. Make healthy lifestyle choices. A great set of podcasts.

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