Playoffs and Preparation

It’s time for the playoffs here in New England.

They say football is a chess match and a mental game. I think the “Do Your Job” documentary shows just that. It’s very interesting to see how a coaching staff thinks about, and then executes, strategy. It’s pretty cool to hear the head coach, one of the best ever, talk about how he cared more about his team’s character during a game than the final score.

And, my favorite line is the video is about the importance of practice, persistence, and preparation because “there is no such thing as a game-day player.” You beforehand have to show up and put in the hard work.

But, the most surprising segments for me came at the end, when the coaches and players talk openly about the love they have for each other. Yes, that’s right, they’re discussing “business love.”

So, enjoy the video. The Patriots are favored by 4.5 points, but Kansas City has a tough defense that knows how to play.

Should be fun.

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