Sichuan Gourmet House

When Mrs. T. and I were based in Hong Kong, we hit up a Sichuan restaurant. Not a fake one, but a real and authentic one. I really liked the dishes and have been a Sichuan foodie ever since.

China is a huge country with many different cuisines. Our family many generations ago came from a region very different from Sichuan. So, I didn’t grow up eating that style of food. But, I really like it.

Last year, I drove by the Sichuan Gourmet House and finally had a chance to try it.

It is legit. There are some really funky items on the menu. I ordered the spicy bamboo shoots as a starter and a spicy noodle dish (see up top). Both were great. The noodles tasted fresh and homemade. Could have been spicier, though.

So, if you’re in the western suburbs of, or in, Boston, this is a great spot. They have the usual Americanized dishes, too, but feel bold and order something authentic that will surprise you.

Better yet, take me with you and I will help you navigate the menu. Just get ready: I am all-in when it comes to Sichuan food. I won’t tone it down for you. Here are some example dishes.

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