Sealver Siliga and The American Dream

Sealver Siliga has lived an interesting life. I read a profile about him this morning. Crushing failure. A resurrection.

His family emigrated from American Samoa. He is the youngest of six boys. His older brothers were ensnared in the gang lifestyle. One is dead and another is in prison for life.

Sealver’s mother worked two shifts to feed the family. In fact, he left college a year early to seek income and work. Things didn’t go so well. He was fired from a few jobs and it was tough for him. Eventually, he was brought on as a backup employee. The people ahead of him eventually couldn’t work, and this gave him opportunities.

He worked hard.

Sealver’s job? He is a pro football player. Today, he will start as a defensive tackle for the New England Patriots. He had been cut from a few teams and eventually joined the Patriots as a practice squad player. Since then, he has risen through the ranks.

This weekend is one of my favorites: the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. Eight teams. Do-or-die games.

But, this will be a different weekend for me. I will be focusing on the Patriots’ D line. I will watch how Sealver plays. I’ll be cheering him on and hope he plays so well that he is given a fat contract with lots of guaranteed money.

So, when you watch the football games, yes, it is entertainment and fun and exciting. But, for me, now, I will think of those players, for whom the game is a job. A way to make money and provide for their families. A way to seek The Dream.

Go, Sealver! This is your night!. Patriots Nation is rallying for you.

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