Why, Hello, Fitbit

Brad Feld just posted about how he’s tracking his sleep quantity and quality with a Fitbit device. I think it’s a great idea, and so, I just ordered a Fitbit One.

I love the fact that the Internet of Things lets us measure more and get smarter. For example, we started using Nest thermostats at home in 2012, and it’s been awesome (more here).

For me, moreover, I’ve radically altered some parts of my life since getting stress-induced shingles last January. I’ve dropped nearly all simple carbs from my diet, started to meditate, been trying to pray more, upped my exercise regimen, and worked with an awesome exec. coach.

I’ve always tried to work out every day and watch what I eat, but the new efforts have created some good results. I have even more energy and focus.

But, sleep is one of those hard-to-solve problems for me.  I am usually awake at 4 am or 5 am, and I’d love to sleep more. I went to a sleep clinic last year to see if there was anything wrong.  They attached all these electrodes and devices to me to track my breathing, heart rate and brain waves. The verdict?  They couldn’t find anything.

So, can’t wait for the Fitbit to arrive.

3 thoughts on “Why, Hello, Fitbit

  1. Awesome – tell me how it works for you. If you don’t mind wearing things on your wrist during the day, I’d recommend the Flex or Force for you if sleep tracking is the highest priority. But if you don’t like things on your wrist (e.g. I don’t) the One also works great.

    1. Will do! I opted for the One, as I don’t like wearing something on my wrist. Really excited to get going on this.

    2. I love the FitBit One so far! Will gather more data and will blog about it in the near-term. Another awesome Foundry investment!

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