Maybe, it’s because I’m over 50 now. Maybe, it’s because my older children are no longer children and are quite persuasive.

But, I’m finding myself streamlining.

One of our children, for example, has given up red meat to combat climate change. Another child has become a vegetarian for ethical reasons. And, over time, our family as a whole eats much less meat. I’ll still order a steak or burger on occasion when we dine out, but most of my diet now revolves around fish or plant-based protein.

My laptop is 10 years-old, and I won’t upgrade until it breaks down; I do so much on my phone and pad, anyways. I want my current car to go to 100,000 miles and more, and I just replaced my smartphone’s battery rather than go whole-hog with a new iPhone.

My Top 5 Personal Possessions list from 2014 has not changed at all.

All this just “sort of is,” without thinking about it much. I suppose all of this is just part of a personal evolution of sorts, after I saw some data on money and happiness years ago and started to think about what I buy and why.

Here’s an example.

Here’s another one.

So, if you have any good vegetarian recipes, please send them my way!

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