A New World

It’s definitely a new world out there today if you have college-aged children. A slew of colleges and universities are closing down most of their in-person operations.

I was back at HBS this morning for a meeting with a professor and to help with my upcoming reunion. It was an interesting time to be back, given news hot off the press: the University was moving all classes to on-line. And, the undergraduates were being told to move out, and as many graduate students as possible were being asked to do the same.

Professors today were trying to figure out logistics, and students were asking a lot of questions. “Controlled disbelief” is how I would describe it all. The last time Harvard faced interruption to its classes was during WWII.

I feel bad for the students who must simultaneously finish assignments, say goodbye to friends, arrange travel, and pack up. And, there are so many unanswered questions. Will graduation happen? Will all the reunions get cancelled? What happens to the international students? What about the workers and staff?

At least, some undergraduates were trying to see the bright side to things. (Note the bottle of champagne in the second photo.)

I’m not sure what the coming weeks will bring, but we are in new territory. I’m suspecting some high schools will implement the same shut-down strategy. And, if day care centers do the same, the life of our nation will really change.

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