Sunday Snow

It’s another snowstorm. This one will go all day today and through tomorrow, Monday.

I’m cooking Sunday Dinner. Beef stew is simmering on the stove. A braise just feels right on a day with snow. I may fire up the fireplace. I also am doing taxes and reviewing our retirement accounts.

As it is 5 pm, Mrs. T. and I have decided to start cocktail hour. It’s a tradition that her very New England and proper paternal grandparents did. At 5 pm, out came the cheese and crackers and the question: “What can I get you?”

They were tremendous people from a different era (think sailboats, selective New England colleges, fine manners, etc.). In spite of their social position and economic power, they were very down-to-earth and never flaunted what they had. It’s a very New England way to be.

They always welcomed me with genuine kindness and a real interest in me. I always felt accepted. We were discussing last night, in fact, how much we missed them. I’ll blog more about them one day. We named one of our daughters after Mrs. T.’s grandmother.

Our children already have looked up on-line snow day calculators. They like the odds that they see. So, they’re outside sledding. There are many images that make me happy as a father. One is seeing my children outside, together.

The older I get, the more I realize that what really fulfills and lasts are relationships with family and friends. I told a friend a bit ago that I’m trying to cut out possessions. I want to live a “simple and simplified” life. I don’t want to own many things.

I have more to go, but I like the progress I’m making.

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday….

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