Sweet 16

Last Friday night was one of the happiest moments I’ve had ever as a parent. Mrs. T. organized a surprise birthday party for one of our children.

It was a logistical feat that involved many people. Our daughter’s friends assembled the guest list, organized a scrapbook, and planned a scavenger hunt. Many classmates came over to the house to excitedly decorate and help set up.

Later, other girls rushed over, straight from practice and games. They all gathered and debated how to surprise our daughter when she got home. The anticipation and excitement kept increasing, and, at one point, the girls started playing loud music and dancing and jumping to burn off their tension.

Soon, the moment came. Our daughter came home to a quiet house. And, this happened:

I don’t think I’ve seen such a joyful scene, ever. Amazingly, word had never leaked, and our daughter was completely surprised.

Later in the evening, there was another surprise. Our son and The Jabberwocks, of which he is Music Director, walked in. Even though they were in the midst of finals, they drove up.

Our daughter was very moved to see them. There was an outpouring of tears, amidst the raucous applause, surprise and joy. A wonderful sibling moment, one which I will never forget.

Afterwards, tray upon tray of Thai food were in abundance (from Manow, our favorite). For party favors, we offered candy and Mrs. T’s homemade origami.

Sadly, the evening came to an end. There was such a profound sense of community, peace and gratitude among all who were there. Girls came up to me to hug me and thank me for the party.

Most important…. I am so proud of our daughter and who she is: hard-working, honest, funny and a good person. I love her dearly and fiercely.

A wonderful evening. Friends, family, music and true joy. What can be better?

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