The Connecticut Shootings

It’s hard to read about the victims in Connecticut without shedding tears. It’s hard to process how a gunman can shoot his mother, young children and teachers. It’s hopeful to see social media serve as a platform through which people are lobbying Congress for gun control and showing deeply-felt empathy for the families.

But, I hope the activity continues. Times of crisis create strong emotions. Yet, over time, emotions fade.

For example, my brother-in-law died overnight when he was 42, leaving behind my sister and two very young children. At the funeral, there was a tremendous outpouring of support.  Some people said they would be there for my niece and nephew, since I lived far away. One person promised me that he would serve as a surrogate father to the children. That didn’t happen.

And, that’s understandable.  People are busy. The emotions fade over time. I get that.

But, that’s why I write about this now. I hope the gun control movement gets stronger. I hope the new interest in it becomes more than an emotional reaction. We need a Culture of Life.

It would be too much to see another 20 children killed for no reason at all.

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