The Nomi Network

Some good friends, Emily and Ross Jones, invited us to dinner. Our family ties with them go way, way back. They’re activist donors, and they wanted us to meet Diana Mao of The Nomi Network.

It was a fun dinner, and we will be giving to Diana’s cause.

First up, Diana is a high-energy and tremendous individual. In addition to being a Presidential Leadership Scholar, she co-founded a non-profit that is battling sex trafficking. She and her team offer girls and young women a way to break away from enslavement in India and Cambodia. The Nomi Network is named after an actual sex worker whom they rescued when she was eight years-old.

Moreover, they have set up programs to create jobs for their clients. One program they’ve set up is an e-commerce site: Their goal is to create 100,000 jobs by 2025.

I learned at the dinner that the root causes of sex trafficking are complex and intertwined. One is that females in many countries have no property rights or social power. Add to that extreme poverty, and there are tremendous forces out there looking to make money through exploitation.

Click here to learn more, and, possibly, donate. Also, there’s a video up top.

Thank you!

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