The Whigs

The Whigs used to be a powerful party in the U.S. They fielded presidential candidates and were a major force.

Then, they broke up over slavery and splintered into two groups: the Republican Party in the North and the anti-Catholic and anti-immigration Know-Nothing Party in the South.

As I read about the GOP’s back-and-forth about health care legislation, with a schism growing between the moderates and the very conservative (example here), and, between those in the House and the Senate, I’m guessing that the GOP will end up like the Whigs.

I think that would be a good thing. I’ve long believed that more political parties would be great for our system. I’m a registered Independent and don’t have a partisan dog in the fight. But, when a party controls the Presidency, the House and the Senate, and cannot pass substantive legislation regarding a prime issue of theirs, it means something major.

I think it eventually will mean divorce.

I wonder now whether they can do anything on other issues, such as tax reform or immigration.

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