The Power of Human Creativity

Music often fascinates me. There is a fixed number of notes, but an infinite combination with which to create a myriad of music. For example, above, is a very moving video of the song “Landslide” (or click here).

I posted recently another version of the song. Same song, both sung with no instruments, yet they are very different because of the arrangements. That’s the power of human creativity.

I find endless permutations in other creative fields. Chefs can use the same ingredients and produce very different dishes. We haven’t run out of great new poems or stories. There’s always something new to read.

And, entrepreneurship forges on. When you think innovation has paused, someone comes up with something new. Dropbox wasn’t first in cloud storage but made an elegant product. Google was late to the search game but marketed incredibly well its speed and simple UI.

The power of human creativity is all around us. We just have to look for it.

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