The Strange World of Donald Sterling

OK, I think I got the facts straight.

You’re a billionaire, who owns a pro basketball team.

You own a lot of apartment rentals. The U.S. Justice Department sues you for discrimination; you pay a $2.7 million fine.

ESPN’s Peter Keating profiled you and the many misogynistic and racist things you’ve allegedly said. Last year, Real Clear Sports listed you as the most-despised sports team owner.

You’ve been married for over 50 years. You have a mistress. You give her gifts and property well over $2 million. Your wife sues the mistress but doesn’t divorce you.

Your mistress posts a picture of herself with Magic Johnson.

You get angry. You allegedly call to tell her she shouldn’t be publicly posting pictures of herself with black people. Also, she shouldn’t be bringing “them” to “your” basketball games either. She reminds you that she is half-black. You say other things.

Your mistress records the call. The alleged audio is below (or click here).

Your name is Donald Sterling. I hope you find one day inner peace.

And, they say money doesn’t buy you happiness. I think they got that right.

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