Time, Money and Health

I don’t know about you, but I feel as though time is accelerating. As a friend of mine observed today: “The years feel short now–where have the past 10 years gone?”

For me, this all started when our youngest child became self-sufficient. No more diapers, teeth-brushing or bathing. Suddenly, I emerged from that labor-intensive co-caretaker role and had more time.

This has further developed, now that two of our older children are in high school. They’re very independent. I’m starting to wonder what life will be like when it will be just my wife and I in the house.

They say there is a “golden era” in your life when you have three things: time, money and health. When I was in college, I had health and free time, but I felt always light on cash. As I aged, I made more money, but found that I had precious little time.

But eventually, people say, you may “have it all”: kids are out of the house and/or you retire from your job, you have savings with which you can travel and enjoy some extended vacation, and you still have your health.

For the life of me, though, I don’t know how I’d spend my time. I think playing tennis or golf every day would kill my brain. I don’t see myself ever fully retiring from work. Given my immigrant background, I’m also always paranoid about not having enough money. Though I’m financially comfortable, I still feel as though I have one foot in Brooklyn, where we lived for seven years upon arriving in the U.S.

What about you? Do you plan on fully retiring one day?

5 thoughts on “Time, Money and Health

    1. good point, mark. in my situation, that’s already the case. love my job, but it is all-consuming.

  1. Joe,
    Our youngest one left for college and we are empty nesters! Have no idea how I got this old…I’m a girl from Jersey City and I didn’t imagine I would have such a nice lifestyle. I cannot imagine retiring in the traditional sense of the word before my 70’s. After that, I hope I have enough money to take nice vacations and spend time with future granchildren.

  2. I am 33 and work in software industry. Some of friends who are of my age say that they would like to retire by age of 45. I do not feel that way though. Looking at my lifestyle I would like to keep working until I am physically fit and enjoying my job and personal work.

  3. I live in the UK and retirement age is increasing and most individuals retire at approx 67Y. There needs to be the balance of quality of life though, a few family members have passed away at the age of 80 ish so that means from retiring you only have approx 13 years left :(.

    I have planned my retirement at 55-60 where i will hopefully take my time to look after my grandchildren and save my family the burden of childcare nursery fees !

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