Thoughts on the Election

Whether your side won or lost last night, there’s one conclusion that is clear: the U.S. is a different country now.

The politics of the day used to revolve around winning the “white” vote. Well, Romney carried that vote, and he lost. Women and minorities pushed Obama over the magic 270 Electoral number.

In other words, the U.S. is now a federation of voting blocs, with at times mutually-exclusive policy positions. For example, Hispanics clearly want immigration reform. But, this position is at odds with the majority of white voters.

My two cents is that this country will become more difficult to govern. We used to be homogeneous. We no longer are. I think that’s a good thing long-term. Short-term, though, the conflicting agendas will make it more difficult to compromise.

I know that’s probably not a view that you want to hear, but that’s my honest opinion. It just means we all have to compromise more in politics.

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