I started ignoring pro sports in January. I’m struck by how much time has freed up.

As I blogged before, I decided not to watch the Super Bowl. I also decided not to renew my Red Sox season tickets, as I didn’t go once last season, and we ended up giving away nearly all of the games to various charities.

I grew up watching a ton of sports. I played many of them and loved to be outside. I’d watch all the baseball, football, and basketball games that I could.

As an adult, I followed sports radio, subscribed to SI, and tracked my teams. It was fun. New England has experienced quite a few championships, and it has been quite a run.

But, for some reason, I continued the sports boycott thing after the Super Bowl. And, I just kept going.

I’m finding that I am reading a lot more. I’m listening to more podcasts. I am now decoupled from the teams’ wins and losses and the excitement and frustrations therein.

I have more time now, which is what I’ve always wanted.

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