Mrs. T. and I will be staying in Back Bay for a weekend “away.” It’s a short drive from our house, but we mentally will be on vacation.

I thought it would be a great way to end the summer and have some R&R before another school year starts.

So, it’s a time of transitions.

Our oldest child next week is heading to Providence, RI, to start college. Some of his classmates, young men whom I know well, are driving today to my alma mater to move into their dorms.  One of our other children starts A.P. classes next week. Varsity Cross Country also starts next week for two of our children. Summer camps have ended.

And, some mornings are starting to feel more cool and less humid.

For this weekend, I’ve booked a hotel room and made some dinner reservations at places we’ve always wanted to try. Other than that, we have no plans. I’m sure we’ll hit the hotel gym. I’m sure we’ll enjoy walking around Back Bay, like we used to. We might hit a museum. It will be fun to ride the T.

How are you readying for autumn?

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