To My Children

Dear Children,

Thank you for accommodating Mother and me. We have had a great time this weekend in Back Bay and will be coming home around lunch time.

We spent Friday evening walking around Back Bay and visiting some art galleries. The streets were full with many newly-arrived college students. We had a nice dinner on Newbury Street, sitting outside.

On Saturday, we went to the hotel gym and then went to the Isabelle Stewart Gardner Museum, a first for me. It was interesting to read that her husband’s fortune stemmed from an ancestor, who had made a lot of money trading for pepper from Indonesia.

We stopped for lunch at a Vietnamese noodle shop. I had a curry noodle dish that was off the charts.

It was very warm, and we decided to UberX it back to the hotel to have enough time to change before Mass.

After, we walked to dinner in the South End. We stopped for a drink at a bar, at which they featured a cool cocktail called The Queen Bee. Mother had some Champagne. Don’t worry. That bottle you see below comprises a 1.5-glass serving.

Dinner was after that. The best dish? The bread, butter and honey they offered!

We then took a leisurely walk to Back Bay, stopping for ice cream en route. The sky and buildings were very pretty.

Now, here we are, enjoying breakfast at the hotel after exercising at the gym.

We appreciate the opportunity for a weekend getaway and look forward to seeing you soon.

In all honesty, I thought this weekend also was a great opportunity for all of you to work as a team and look out for each other. And, it is the last weekend before one of you next week goes away for college.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the freedom and responsibilities that this weekend entailed.

Much love,


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